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Organising a scientific day at the Villa Le Cercle

Scientific day
From 50-100 participants

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In the heart of Normandy

1 hour from Caen, Le Havre and Rouen

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Optimal organisation

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Scientific Day: Deauville in the centre of Normandy

The Normandy region has a powerful and competitive economy in Europe and around the world. The food industry, the car industry, the aerospace sector, the pharmaceutical / chemistry / cosmetic sectors, the production of energy, medicine: these are all centres of excellence on which research is focused. Event organisers who bring together researchers and scientists from a specific sector are essential to communicate and share views on doctorate research results and innovative products. Deauville is situated in the centre of Normandy meaning that researchers, teachers, scientists and medical staff can come together whilst optimising delegates’ travel times in the Normandy region.

Organisation of the scientific day

The scientific day needs a certain amount of organising. Carrying out the different stages of preparation requires precision and rigor: The choice of theme, the date and the place of the event, the constitution of a scientific committee, financing and communication, poster design and the conception of a programme. An event organising team at the C.I.D – The Deauville Congress Centre is devoted to the setting up of the scientific day. A commercial manager, a project manager and a technical manager who works on logistics, technical issues and catering for the event. The client organises the speakers, prepares the presentations and sets the ball rolling by sending invitations to his network!

Scientific day or Scientific evening event at the Villa Le Cercle?

The scientific / hospitality day is built around an identical formula to the study day. The participants are welcomed at the Villa Le Cercle in Deauville. The rhythm of the day follows the programme that has been prepared beforehand by the organisers. The scientific data is equally spread over morning and afternoon, punctuated by coffee breaks in the neighbouring reception rooms. This allows quality time and space for everyone to express themselves. Speakers have the necessary equipment for video conferences or to project their material. Lunch is offered in a partner restaurant in Deauville, accessible by foot.

The scientific evening is frankly very successful in Deauville thanks to the formula that is proposed at the Villa Le Cercle. This late afternoon meeting is regularly organised in Deauville, in a very specific format. Participants from all over the Normandy region are welcomed from 6pm. They take their places in the meeting room specially equipped to display the scientific material. The partner laboratories at the event are there to present their products in the adjoining meeting room. This is followed by a cocktail at the Villa Le Cercle around 8.30pm. Delegates and partners can exchange in a friendly atmosphere, conducive to sharing.